in purity and
since 1926

Our company is a leader in the production of citrus essential oils and juices of absolute purity.
The quality is guaranteed by buying citrus fruits from only the best plantations together with high quality production systems and meticulous checks. We currently distribute to 27 countries.

Selected varieties
from the best citrus groves
in Sicily and Calabria

Oranges, lemons, mandarins and bergamots come from selected Sicilian and Calabrian citrus groves
based on these fundamental criteria: sustainable supply chain, fair price, low environmental impact,
compliance to the varieties, pesticide control.
Varieties are typical of Sicilian and Calabrian areas thereby giving the fruit its first-rate


Our essential oils.
The intense aroma
of Sicily
and Calabria

Our essential oils express all the intensity of the scents of Sicilian and Calabrian land from which our citrus fruits come from.
The excellent quality level is ensured by the cold extraction of the oil, which guarantees the protection of essential components and excellent quality results.

Our juices.
Very high quality
for industry,
catering, GDO

Our juices are natural single strength juices packed with precious nutrients. Juices are extracted either with the traditional method of “birillatura”, which reproduces the domestic juicer presser, or with high yield American reamer extractors.
Three lines, different in processing, packing and packaging, are aimed at different markets and food professionals.





A constant
commitment on

Our company pursues sustainable development, adopting conscious choices that involve the entire production chain and promote progress and at the same time protect the ecosystem.
A concept that has strong social and environmental implications and that Simone Gatto applies on all fronts of business activity.