Essential Oils

Essential Oils
by Simone Gatto

Our citrus essential oils are extracted from selected citrus fruits ripened under the sun of Sicily and Calabria and harvested by hand.
The extraction takes place by cold pressure, with machines that act on the rind of the fruit, pricking it, pressing it and thus ensuring the integrity of the yield. The mixture of oil and water obtained is then separated by centrifugation.
Of each essential oil it is available, in addition to the untreated version, also colourless, molecular distilled colourless, folded, terpeneless and furocumarines-free ones.


For the food industry,

Our essential oils are 100% pure and natural, are aimed at the food industry and are ideal and highly appreciated in the horeca sector, because their aroma makes ice creams, creams, chocolates, baked desserts, drinks and other food products unique. The success of our citrus oils in the cosmetic sector is remarkable, in particular in fine fragrances, where they are appreciated in the formulation of original and precious fragrances, used by important international brands