The juices

Citrus Juices
by Simone Gatto

Our single-strength juices are made from citrus – fruits grown by expert farmers through natural methods, ripen under the Calabrian and Sicilian sunshine, picked up with care by hand, so as kept in the best possible condition, before deliver to our premises.
Once received in our factory, citrus fruits are processed, squeezed both with traditional extractors that use reamers to get the juice (like home squeezing methods) and high yield American Extractors.
The process ends up with juice stabilisation and packaging that can vary according to the market of final destination.


Citrus juice
for the food

Citrus fruits juices are sold to different food compartments, such as pastry. Ice creams and soft- drink markets.
Beyond single-strength juices we produce concentrated juices, pasteurised and non-pasteurised, cloudy or crystal clear, preserved or frozen. In any case they all own a very highly nutritional value. The packaging for the industry goes from 14 kgs to 250 kgs

Frozen juices
for catering

A line of high quality and in growing demand is represented by single-strength unpasteurised, frozen juices in small packs (Tetra Rex or bags) intended for the catering sector in general and ice
cream parlour in particular. These are pure juices, without the addition of sugars, preservatives, dyes or flavours, ideal in the preparation of ice creams, sorbets, granitas and cocktails, in dressing fruit salads as well as for direct consumption.


The juices of
Simone Gatto
for consumption

For domestic consumption we offer pure citrus juices, without preservatives, additives, obtained from fruits grown in the best citrus groves of Sicily and Calabria.
Selected before processing, the citrus fruits are pressed with advanced extraction technologies, to best reproduce the juice obtained at home.
Thirst-quenching and rich in nutrients, the juices are packaged in practical 200 ml or 100 ml PET bottles and housed in the refrigerated counter of supermarkets, ready to drink in all their freshness.
100% fruit juices are becoming more and more popular. Consumers find them tasty and natural, a positive trend confirmed in Italy, where the most dynamic segments are those of fresh juices and 100% fruit juices (Iri Infoscan data, year ending 2/2018). In particular, 100% citrus juices are in great demand for their health benefits, linked to the natural active ingredients and their precious properties.