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A family

Founded by Salvatore Gatto in 1926, it is still today a family business that initially used to trade citrus derivatives. In the 1960s, in the small factory of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, the essential oil was extracted by hand, until the Galati Marina plant boosted the industrial processing. In 1988 the production unit was transferred to the industrial area of San Pier Niceto (Messina), where it still operates today.

boccette oli

Leaders in
citrus essential
oils and juices

Led by the fourth generation of the family, our company is today a leader in the production of the highest quality of citrus essential oils and natural juices, derived from fruits grown in Sicily and Calabria, where the best citrus groves in Italy are. Our factory boasts specialised staff and high-tech equipment, with a high fruit processing capacity. We distribute more than 150 products in 27 countries around the world, supplying to existing clients as well as developing new markets.

Served Countries: 27

27 Paesi serviti
27 Paesi serviti